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#1520  AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC (GE, Amersham)

AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC (GE, Amersham)
Price: $38000
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AKTA Explorer from Scientific Support, Inc. comes as a fully refurbished, tested, and ready-to-use system. We refurbish and test every component separately to deliver an up-to-standard system to our customers. Our range of services for AKTA products include system repairs, calibrations, upgrades, preventive maintenance, service contracts, and component level repairs.

AKTA Explorer repair services include but are not limited to:
UV-900 lamp replacement and alignment, drying cartridge(desiccant) replacement
UV-900 "lamp module failure" and "calibration failed" errors
P-900 pump synchronization, motor and belt replacement
P-900 seal replacement, upgrades from 10ml to 100ml and vice versa
Component level repair on all AKTA modules
PV-908, INV-907, IV-908, M-925, P-960, P-950, Air-900 repairs
Frac-950 alignment, "sensor error" repair

AKTA Explorer 100 Specifications:
Complete set of motor valves.
Wavelength 190 to 700 nm
P-900 pump, UV-900 detector, pH/C-900 pH/conductivity detector, FRAC-900 fraction collector
Flow rate up to 100 ml/min, pressure up to 3750 psi
Conductivity range up to 1000 mS/cm
Optional AIR, sample pump, autosampler, and FRAC-950
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