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#1913  Hiac 8103 3000A Liquid Particle Counter System

Hiac 8103 3000A Liquid Particle Counter System
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Hiac 8103, Syringe Driven Particle Counting system, is best suited for medical applications.

A complete (ready-to-use) system consists of Hiac 8000a particle counter, Hiac 3000A sampler, HRLD-150 sensor(other sensors available), a syringe, and all nesessary cables. No computer required. Hiac 8103 system is refurbished, calibrated, tested and comes with a calibration certificate good for one year.

Hiac 3000A system specifications:
Sample Flow Rate: 10-100 ml/min
Hiac 3000A is best suited for medical field applications
Eight channels, 1.3--150 µm application range with HRLD-150 sensor
Syringe size: 10 or 25 ml
Other HRLD and MC-05 sensors are avaialbe.
Electrical: 90-260 VAC, 60W
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